Our Process

The Putters Edge Process

Our Process Is Often Copied But Never Perfected.

We have built thousands of greens and have accumulated a great deal of knowledge of where to build a green and how to make it the best possible putting surface. This has allowed us to create a process that allows the creativity but also insures the proper steps are taken to create a ‘world class’ installation.

These are the steps and usually happen in less than a month:

1. CONSULTATION – Free design consultation that allows you to share your ideas, sample the putting turf products, and start the design process.

2. DESIGN – Here is where we use your ideas and blend them into an actual design and quote for completing the project.

3.PLANNING/PREPERATION –once a decision has been made we start the clock for the installation. This coordinates all of the materials and labor for a scheduled installation date. Also if there is any pre-work like moving sprinkler heads etc.

4. INSTALLATION – This is where we do the three steps in building the green:
a. create the base that creates the green performance, undulation, character and drainage.
b. Build the green. This includes the hole placement, integration of fringe and putting surface, build the ‘10 YEAR’ seams, add the top quality cups/flags, and finish off to specs for landscaping.
c. Putt on the green within hours after install. Learn how to use and maintain the green. Sometimes we even give a lesson…..

5. ATHLETIC FIELD INSTALLATION – Athletic field installations have a very simple three-step process.
a. Create a level field area.
b. Install panel system for turf.
c. Install turf and attach to panels.
It is that simple!